Report: Yell Considering Sale of Yellowbook

Citing an article in the UK-based Sunday Times newspaper, Reuters is reporting that Yell may sell US subsidiary Yellowbook for a potential  $1.58 billion. Last month Yell reported disappointing sales figures. Investors punished the stock accordingly.

The company also said that online was now 25% of total revenues.

The sale of Yellowbook is far from confirmed. But if it were to happen who would be the buyer? Don’t say Google.

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  1. NewYellowRep says at

    I’m highly interested in this thread. Ok what of the new changes?! Now what is the scoop? Was the focus and push of NPP’s to thrust our web content and increase internet viability?! Are we being sold? I love. Love. Love. My job. I just feel tremors and that something is changing and we are being soothed.

  2. NewYellowRep says at

    I feel our job is great managerial support is great in my area. But what is the change?

  3. bobby says at

    I or anyone in my family has not used a yellowbook in over 10 years. We wish they wouldnt deliver them to us. Total waste of trees. 

  4. MC says at


    just an FYI, our books have no virgin wood, after 20% recycled material, PB’s are done using secondary wood products that are from the manufacture of other products we ALL use. PB’s
    are the original local search engine.

    considering that only 56% of ALL businesses have websites (9/2010, webvisible, a partnership with Neilson Online), people that only use the net miss alot of local businesses that may not be listed on any of the verticals out there. even many of those who do have sites, unless you specifically search by name, they won’t come up. it is safe to say that there are probably more people who DON’T KNOW YOU than there are people who do know you. people forget very easily, it’s like me asking you what are the last two billboards you saw , or what you had for dinner 3 weeks ago on a wednesday. there is little chance you’ll be able to recall it. Even with word of mouth, you can’t control the timing or the message, what if the person who gets the referal doesn’t need the service right then, who carries around a stack of business cards

  5. bobby says at

    As a service company up until 1996 we spent around $20,000 each year advertising with yellow book. The sales reps always encouraged us to advertise more and take bigger ads. If we were late on payments the yellowbook would threaten to sue us. It was pretty much a viscous cycle that I hated but really didnt have much choice – until we discovered the internet. Let me tell you. 20,000 goes much further with google than with yb. Our sales improved tremendously and we never again advertised wit yb. Of course I could go into detail but I’m to busy!

  6. Jim says at

    Hey “Bobby” IF that’s your name, and uh, you’re a business owner, the word is TOO referring to your being to busy. Anyway, Nobody in the company was “stupid” enough to threaten to SUE you for being late on your payments. You MIGHT be threatened with a lawsuit if you defaulted, so you are certainly lying where THAT is concerned. AND if you did your homework, you would find a huge list of advertisers spending more than $20,000 with yellowbook via Google…..AND doing quite well “Bobby”. Oh, the other mispelled word is with…you wrote wit. Didn’t your Google rep help you with something called KEYWORDS? Or didn’t you get that kind of service for $20,0000? I didn’t think so “Bobby”. Oh I forgot to ask; what IS the name of your “business”? I’m sure you’ll get right back to me.

  7. Jim says at

    Sorry BOBBY……..I had you down for spending MORE than $20,000 with Google, hope they weren’t TRYING to take more money from you.

  8. bobby says at

    If I wanted a spelling lesson I would have asked. But I just really want to make money so thats why I Dont advertise with th yb. Everything I stated above is true. I have no reason no to tell the truth. Your reps for the most part dont really care about the advertisers and this is well known. yb or yb360 or whatever it is you call yourselves now is on the way out. Your useless in this day and age so go find a better job. But if you insist on staying in your current job then at least know that there is still one little company and i think they are in london that still makes buggy whips. 

  9. bobby says at

    By the way now we spend around $20,000 advertising with adwords just at the holiday season. So total for the year is closer to $50,000. I’m so happy we dont give yb a dime! Any it’s also great to have the opportunity to be able to tell you and others that may be reading this how we feel about yb. Hopefully I can help someone save some money. 

  10. Trooper says at

    I am interviewing for a media consultant postion soon and in doing my research on this site and others I am not encouraged. I have over 20 years of “old school” media sales (re:broadcast). I switched companies just prior to the economic downturn and was let go with many others in the company All media is going digital. Can someone who is currently working at YB (happy or disgruntlled) give me some insight. I read that management is bad…YB and don’t or do work…I just need someone to tell me truth before I accept or turn down a job offer if it comes.

  11. Dallas SEO Consultant - Mike Stewart says at

    It was a respectable career with earning potential of $80k + with great benefits if you worked for a major telco provider. It is now a business that focuses on finding entry level workers who earn a maximum of $80k per year. The management teams promote based on nepotism and favortism. Looking from outside and having a connection to more disgruntled and passionate yellowpages workers, i can say that not only has competition cut into earnings, it has also helped kill the reputation of the industry. Selling weak .com products that are marked up to the point that ROI is significantly impacted
    with no focus in content and conversion creates a challenge to retain clients and sustain a reputation amongst decision makers.
    I sold for Verizon YP for almost a decade.
    Ask some questions on
    It is not what it used to be, but still beats door to door sales.

    Terrible decisions by marketing teams that push clients with hard sales to buy based on emotion and fear vs real results and pay for performance, while at the dame time not advertising the media companies themselves is what has 

  12. MC says at

    i’ve been with YB for several years, like you, i came from broadcast. when i came on, we only had print, and was just coming online. Learning about the other products we carry will pay off BIG for you. i continue to make a very nice living, although the last 3 years i did take a financial pinch with the economy. much of the “doom & gloom” coming from the industry i worked for prior. if there is one piece of advice i would give, it would be to look at the customers needs, i mean really look at his needs. connect them with what products and or services that will work best for them, and be honest in what you can’t do either.

    Now, i will say that not everything is always peaches & cream, i have my rough spots from time to time, i’ve been outside for almost 23 years (not all at YB). (middle)managers today are not as motivating as many of the managers even from a few years ago. As we transition from a brick & morter to virtual enviroment so will our product line. Don’t forget that, dont get locked into just one media.

    motivate yourself by reading & learning. Stay the hell away from the negative reps, if you see thier numbers you’ll see why they are crying and they have no problem taking up your valuable time by crying on your shoulder. If offered a a “ride day” (or several in my case), don’t be affraid to really ask the person you’re riding with questions. No company is going to be perfect, but if you look at what we’ve done even since the late 90’s , we’ve done a good job, YB and it’s Senior team has alway done a fine job thinking long term. I have even relo’d for some of them. I didn’t mean to write a book here, but you asked for an honest opinion

  13. indyin says at

    Its been a good job for myself. My earnings have been flat for three years at 65000. Management likes to tell people they will make more. The pressure is intense to sell due to subpar numbers nationwide. I would worry about one thing specific ally if I were hiring in new. How much revenue will you be assigned starting out. 150000 yearly or more and you might make a living, anything less 50 g might be tough hit. In summary. Do you have any offers from a company on the upswing? If not, you will need to be highly motivated and willinng to do alot of cold calling, and most likely, willing to put in 50 of 60 hours some or maybe even most week’s. I don’t know how to be any more clear. The job has plenty of good and bad.”

  14. Trooper says at

    Thanks MC, indyin, and Mike for your input. MC, and indyin…can I ask what states you work in? I interviewed and did a ride day last year but didn’t get an offer. They have contacted me again to see if I’m still interested and agreed to meet with them. One of the upper management people I met with last year did not impress me at all, and I found his manner to be pretensious, arrogant and somewhat demeaning. This is going to be a tough decision should I be offered a position.

  15. indyin says at

    I am currently in Indiana. Where r u interviewing? What state or office?

  16. Trooper says at

    indyin…I’d rather not say where it is, as I am sure this blog is being monitored. I will say it is east of Indiana.

  17. indyin says at

    If its Ohio u should email me @ if not good luck with your decisio

  18. MC says at

    Trooper, i work in PA.. do yourself a really big favor. if this this something you think you only might want to try, don’t do it.
    i couldn’t say this almost 10 years ago, think about the opportunities where people (perhaps You) said ” i wish i had gotten in on that when it was new, or on the ground floor etc. that’s where YB is now with all the new products / services. Who is to say what is on the horizon in the next 5-10 years. if you want the job, attack with extreme predjidice, really go after it. if you are offered a position, forget about “targets & objectives” and think about a plan to get there. you were called back because the regional saw something in you that sparked thier interest. whether it was strength in cold calling, closing ratios, recent sales awards…who knows. i will say again, Trooper, if you really want the job, attack with extreme predijdice, this IS the ground floor…right now! as each rep goes through their own evolution. the people making it happen now, will be the leaders of tomorrow. one thing i did not mention is that i have worked both as rep & manager, have won awards as both, if I can still believe…can you?

  19. Jim says at

    Oh Bobby, Bobby, Bobby……..I’m sorry to tell you ……but you DO need a spelling lesson. I couldn’t be with a company like yellowbook360, Bobby, if I treated people like you say we ALL do. Your misspellings are making it hard to follow your lame arguement about all this money you’re making by NOT spending, or should I say INVESTING that magical amount of $20,000! I AM looking for a side job though…..teaching using comedy with proper spelling to “drive” home a point. I’m sorry you look so foolish explaining how much you THINK you know about “us”. Because like you said, it’s hasn’t been since 1996 since you were “ripped” off by yb. And since you are updated on what we are accomplishing as yellowbook360, which you spelled correctly…hooray….your points are just about as valid as uh…….your business?! Still waiting……BOBBY!

  20. Jim says at

    News Bulletin…..Bobby says he can save you money by NOT advertising with yellowbook. Mind you, he says the reps don’t care about the advertisers….and that’s the truth! So that’s good enough for me! I DO work for yellowbook, and I care…..for 18 years. Bobby is so obsessed with us….he hasn’t spent a dime with us since 1996 and he’s STILL talking about us! When you have a chance can you “Google” the name of that London company that is looking for reps to sell the buggy whips and shoot me a note…Bobby? And Bobby……..lots has changed, sorry to tell you since 1996. IF you are a business owner……I’m waiting Bobby…..shoot me an e-mail and I can show you how to maximize the magical amount of $20,000 that has GROOOOWN to $50,000, by discussing SEO/SEM and more with you…….oh that’s right! That wasn’t available in 1996 was it Bobby? We were just ripping you off by making you buy bigger ads and then suing you. Who’d want to advertise with a company like that. Bobby……just finally come clean and man up and tell us you couldn’t cut it as a rep.

  21. Yb #360 says at

    As a rep my management is rude, mean and are absolutely concerned about how they look to their immediate supervisors than how they look to their clients. We have had a heavy push toward selling new accounts. It has been done at the expense of account retention. They are also interested in quantity not quality. A rep can sell 12 accounts for $5616 a year and get a bonus. His counterpart can sell 10 accounts for $18,000 a year and get let go. The new parameters are 60 per year. No mention of a dollar amount. They have been canabalizing the print with “new products” via bundles since the inception of It continues today with the push of Direct Mail (too expensive) and WebReach ($400/ mo. too high for an entry level business). My income is level for the last 3 years as well. I expect that to drop this year because the websites I sold to my clients are basic and were never live on time, the webreach programs the “experts” pitched and sold to my clients were not accurate initially and were not attended to as they should have been once active. We have introduced a lot of new products in an attempt to keep pace in a fast moving business. It has been a lot to keep up with combined with the automation of the sales force. There are those who believe the company line that we are positioned for the upswing, but they are few and dwindling.

  22. indyin says at

    I agree with everything yb360 says except for the size of new not smattering. It been my experience that unofficially size does matter. And secondly, I have seen alot of missing productivity(12 new per quarter) and still keeping your job. As a matter of fact Jim mckusker said last week only 500 of our 3000 reps sold 50 new last year. Hence the new productivity policy of 5 new a month. Good luck with that Jim. Things are tightening up horribly around here. Proof you say? 200 new in my first 3.5 years with the company, last 6 months less than 10. I can’t get people I meet with to buy. Not enough meat on the bone anymore. Sorry to say YB. We need
    change real quick and in a hurry. Maybe we can start with eliminating a couple of the 6 layers of management. How stupid of me, then who be left to track all their BS reports that tell us how shitty we r
    doing. Hint management, a week in the field would tell the same thing. 4 layers
    over 200 reps, does that sound crazy to
    anyone else. That does not include
    nething above rvp. Abov e that there must be at least 3 layers. Get out and sell something people or stay the hell out of the way.

  23. trooper says at

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my query. I have decided not to purue a career with Yellow Book. Even in my dire financial situation I felt it better to pursue something in a growth industry, and reap the rewards a little further down the road. I am certain I made the right decision.

  24. Ybyellow says at

    Ok, so I’ve been with yb for 11 years and have been everything from an account rep to now a canvass manager or book leader or marketing manager or whatever it’s called today. Here’s the problem….cut the fat for godness sakes! Stop messing with the sales force’s $$ and look into the higher ups. Do we really need vp’s avp’s and the like for every little thing? This is not to mention the training dept. Cut that back too! Our stock is now at 9cent a share, with all the new products the fact remains that we are bleeding revenue from print badly. This is bad because that’s our backbone. We’d like to think we can replace this with DM, sem seo, and but I personally don’t think this is going to happen.

  25. Exclusive: YPG to Buy Dex, SuperMedia says at

    […] of SuperMedia and Dex, to form a major new competitor to AT&T’s There had been rumors of Yellowbook being on the block as well. However those have not been confirmed and Yellowbook is not part of this […]

  26. Sharron Peters says at

    This place is a hell hole to work in, your threatned weekly or daily with your job, no support, unobtainable goals,

  27. bobby says at

    well jimbo. What about these comments? What say you?

  28. Jim says at

    Hi Bobby….where have you been? What do I think? Glad you asked “Bobby”! I think you should come clean like your friends did and own up to why YOU couldn’t cut it at yellowbook too instead of “pretending” to be an ex unhappy advertiser who is going to “save” everyone from spending money with yellowbook. I called you out on this before but you can’t “man up” as they say obviously…………surprise, surprise! Let me know if you change your mind…..I’ll be anxiously waiting! See ya “Bobby”!

  29. On My Way Out... says at

    There are some very valid opinions on this feed. Sadly, there are many on here that as emplyees “get it” about YB and I share in their apathy. I won our last sales contest for the area, and I just got put on “final written warning”. All that’s good, too. I need five new sales this month – which is totally doable. It won’t though because I have been conditioned not to care anymore. I have watched over 50% of my training class leave the company and the “All Star” that I did my ridealong with has since quit as well. There exists an ever-declining conviction in print yellow pages, but the older demographics still use print. Problem is, there are so many competing books that it all adds up to a no sale. I consider myself well-trained – but I trained myself. The problem with being an SEO/SEM, print, internet yellowpage (IYP), direct mail etc. person, is that you aren’t known for any of them. Yellowbook would be far more successful in their markets if the reps had a niche. You can’t be all things to everyone, which is the mantra with the “360 rep” motif. When I sold insurance, I sold life, auto, home, boat, blah blah blah. The list goes on and on. Where you hope that you can market yourself as someone’s only “insurance guy” because you have access to something for all of one’s needs, you can’t. Just like you will never be known as a YB rep to be someone’s only “Media Advertising Guy”. Here’s why: you are a yellowbook rep, and what that means is: you’re the 7th person to call on this account in the last seven years, you have phonerooms of retards with foreign accents competing for your local business and all from YB, you have your job hanging over you on a weekly basis and there is never a sense of pride or accomplishment, you have a boss that can’t use a computer, you are selling for a “print” company when print is believed to be dead, the company’s parent company was downgraded to a Caa1 rating – not good!, you have two to three meetings every week and have a contstant re-prioritization of your time from a mangement level. In short, the reason I don’t care (and am happy to be on my way out) is because Yellowbook has this “Ready, Shoot, Aim” mentality that precludes it from any type of real success or market penetration. Everything they are doing is something that someone else is doing. Companies change names all the time as times change, I suggest YB changes their name. Simply put, PEOPLE DON’T TRUST YELLOWBOOK. Y and B are the new scarlet letters and an albatross I can’t wait to chuck in the river when I get my final kick in the arse – Grabbing a beer…peace out!

  30. Dallas SEO Consultant - Mike Stewart says at

    On mu way out… I feel your pain. My SMB SEO business is booming and I even help my clients with yellowbook ads. I am a SMB internet marketing strategist and solutions provider, but the ability to consult and understand the smbs budget is a yellowpages gift.

  31. zoey 291 says at

    Anyone have any info on the Companywide announcement that is taking place on 7/12? Have heard that employees have already been told that they will no longer be “Yellowbook” and that CEO is out.

  32. Jim says at

    What’s the reason for an announcement then?

  33. On My Way Out... says at

    They must read this line then. Change the name, but you’re still going to have the same bunch of drummed-up retards running the thing. The CEO wasn’t bad. It’s the 15 layers deep of mid-management suck-ups that ruin the culture for the rest of us.
    I had the last bit of conviction beaten from me months ago and I can’t manage to get cut loose quick enough. When you hire 4000 reps at $25K to bring on each, that makes $100MM. The “hire in masses, train em in classes, fire their asses” thing just doesn’t sit well with investors. They’ve done a couple of those $100MM dances in just the last two years. Change the name, even the dumbest former advertiser is going to know who you are and that won’t change much. Oh, and by the way…they report to financial sector that 25% of the income is from digital media..bravo. They also say that they are moving to digital now. Why did they just spend so much money to have an independent marketing company prove that print yellow pages is where the money is? They tell the reps it’s print, they tell the investors it’s digital. How about just tell the truth and stick with it.

  34. ex-yellow head says at

    My friend and I who are both former YB’ers saw this and had a good laugh. Considering that YB bought TWP in 2005 for 1.5 billion. It’s particularly ironic that they are looking to sell their entire U.S. wing for 1.5 billion or so.

    It’s funny to see that there are still koolaid drinkers out there that claim hard work will make you “tons of money” in the industry. The book I started out with was 11 million in 2006. It’s down to around 3 million now with around a million in .com products. In five years a nearly 60% drop. It’s the same story all over the country. I hear the managers don’t even talk about where their revenue is for a canvass anymore in those 3-4 meetings you have a week.

    Yeah, I guess we all sucked and were lazy unproductive naysayers.

    BTW, have any of you actually put a call tracking line exclusively on a product? I saw the numbers as of mid 2010. They were a joke. 4 calls a month on a $160 monthly top placement for auto repair was average in my city of one million. It was mostly the same thing when I would pull reports for large cities and flagship cities like Pittsburgh. I learned very quickly to only put one RCF tracking number for both .com and print.

  35. Ex yber says at

    I left the company in April on my own after 12 years. I was a sales manager at the time or DSM whatever you want to call it these days. Yellowbook useful be a great company but as the above post references the books ate bleeding revenue badly. The two we had in our office used to be 6 million and 10 million, now they are 2.5 million and 3.5 million. Also as referenced above ain’t making up for those dollars lost nor is webreach, direct mail, etc. It’s sad but upper management led by Jim McCusker and his band of old school print guys are trying to lead a huge sales force into a digital age that he knows little about. First the message is “sell webreach!” then it changes to “sell direct-mail this is a quick pop to the numbers!” then they bring in a guy to tell you that print isn’t really dead. I understand wanting to sell multiple products and utilizing your sales force to do so, but they have everything set up on a print platform. So for instance if you sell a Direct Mail you are then responsible for that entire dollar amount to bring back in your revenue. Basically you could easily bury yourself on the bottom of the prr if they don’t keeping doing it. It’s really to bad this used to be a great place to work that provided me a lot. Now it’s a shell of what it used to be. If your up on this board saying your making all this money still…come on, stop it with that nonsense

  36. yellowbook #4 says at

    Joe Walsh resigned this morning. Who’s next?

  37. DD says at

    I resigned on October 10th. In April when Yellowbook management made all the sales reps sign documents for as much as a $20,000 cut in base pay, I lost my respect for management because they did not take a cut in pay. Obviously, management thinks they are the key to the business. They are not! Hello?

    I just spoke with a current employee and he said it was announced this morning that Joe resigned (read fired by new CEO of YELL). It was announced that the company was downsizing all of their operations world wide!

    I am thankful for the 9 years I have had with the company. I am even more thankful for the new position I found!

    God bless Yellowbook. We are headed into difficult times. So Let your light shine people- Mt 5:16

  38. Former YB in NYC says at

    I feel sorry for those still employed @ YB. This company is finished IMO. Newbies don’t realize the average yellow page rep used to earn 250K a year and up back in the 90’s. They had company cars and expense accounts. These days, they don’t even have an office to work out of nor phones to use. The spin is we don’t need offices, but that’s just an excuse to save money. Money the company has been bleeding for over a decade. Direct Mail was just introduced, yet it’s a failure. Print in all formats is a dead industry. Direct Mail doesn’t work. The 3rd party Google AdWords doesn’t work either. If you have a budget of less than 1,000 per month and you need someone to do AdWords for you @ 40% of your monthly budget, you’re going to wake up and realize you’re wasting your money. The average AdWords contract last 6-8 months because customers realize it’s a ripoff. They can do it themselves, save the money and be on their way. The entire yb mechanism for online advertising is a Ponzi Scheme-like ripoff. There’s a reason why the bottom of the barrel businesses (mom and pop shops as conveniently sold by HR) are the suckers sold to. They simply don’t know any better. I worked in NYC. There are no less than 1,000 companies, individuals and even college students offering SEO/SEM/Websites for a fraction of what yellowbook costs. And the products are offered by people more competent than both the sales teams and the developers behind the scene. Yellowbook has no chance. Their weforia is an epic fail because they sell it to their current base of advertisers. Those still with the print don’t know any better. The other clients see a “yellow page sales rep” and completely dismiss them if they try to sell them anything internet based because they don’t come across as reliable. It will be a slow death eventually. The lack of decent sales reps will be their sword to the heart. When you are forced to hire sales reps beginning in the upper 20’s to low 30’s as a base, you’re getting unprofessional, desperate and/or inexperienced reps. You’re getting what you pay for. It won’t happen tomorrow, but eventually yellowbook will shut down it’s doors.

  39. JD says at

    Wow….must be amzing to have all the answers! I DO have a suggestion however, wiz king from NYC who isn’t brave enough to give up his name…….do some spell checking and re-reading before you put out a rambling diatribe such as you did……it’s just a BIT more professional…..oh I forgot…you KNEW that. Sorry you were “let” go……..

  40. yellowbook #4 says at

    Well, I will be interested to hear what is said during the management conference call on Friday. Jim’s message has been much about his own experiences lately, but I am hoping the recent changes will open his eyes and heart. The org chart is due for some thinning, given we are paying some rsm’s and vp’s $125,000 and up in SALARY to manage 2-5 people. While I admire some of these folks…. your gravy train is about to be derailed. Why not have a salary of $50,000 and tie the rest to your teams performance? Will you then get in someones car and develope them? My fear is that a large portion of the sales people could out sell their manager, manager’s manager, and so on. It was not like that 10 years ago. Put some of your skin in the game, like the hard working men and women paying your salary. I make less than $16,000 in base salary with Yellowbook. Most of my skin is on the line everyday.

  41. Brady says at

    Yellowbook Reps: You guys are doing the right thing. Stick with you customers sell them your diversified portfolio’s of products. Make good solid reccomendations that provide the customer with a solid ROI. Give a great customer experience and ignore everything that the Dallas SEO guy tells you. I have been reading this guy’s garbage for years….he brags and brags, but the reality is his business isn’t booming either and he used to actually sell something we don’t, but those days are over! SEO is an overpriced bag of tricks and SEM is a tough game to play (the way he sells it). I also sell print for one of the Utility publishers and have done for nearly 15 years. Our product line-up today with print and internet is far superior to anything these internet only guys can offer. In fact I would go up against old Dallas anytime and gaurantee my average cost per call would kill him. In all my career I have never posted a negative growth year when you look at print and internet sells I generate. No doubt it has been tough…no doubt that their are multiple places to look today and smart phones are something that needs to be part of the strategy. But, with that my calls are robust I have tracking dating back to before 2000 and today I surpass calls with exactly the same ads, I’m in a Medium to large market. I also have some customers that calls have fallen in some headings, but very few and we have since found more than those calls using the digital platforms. But, you know why they stay with me? I take care of them and we know each other and they get service from me. You can count on consolidaton in the industry…it is coming fast. This economy along with tech perceptions have been a major struggle. Small publishers are in trouble and after all said and done there will be only a couple major players and I’m sure yellow book will be one of them. With that the used to work for YB’s are the guys that left because they where asked to and as for the guys that say you can’t make the money, I will show you my W-2’s anytime this year was my second best earning year! I bet you dollars to donuts I make more per year than MR. Dallas! I hate people that enjoy seeing other businesses hurt and you can bet Karma will find Mr Dallas down the road. What he hates is I can sell what he does and yes we do give hands on managment and yes anything he can sell on Google so can you and I…but he will never get paid to place a YP ad or place an ad on your IYP! To Bad Sucker……….

  42. YbSucks says at

    Yellowbook, PindarSet/Yell and companies like them the reason Americans can’t find jobs. 99.9% of their ads are built in Bangalore India. They don’t speak English well. This is why you get pictures of lo mein in spaghetti ads. If you hate America and American jobs, then support yellowbook and yell.

  43. Jim DeMichele says at

    Hey dimwit……where did you get your stats from stating 99.9 percent of ads are done in India……? when you confirm that, please get back to me and tell me who can’t get a job either, and just why YOU got fired……include your name if you are “brave” enough!

  44. Jim DeMichele says at

    Also, nice twist throwing the American jobs slant on it too. I’m as American as they get, and STILL work for the company……be a little more intelligent with your anger, you’ll appear just a little more professional and rational.

  45. Brock carson says at

    Do you think the ads are created stateside Jim? Have you ever called to make website changes? Yb print and digital ads are created in India. Just reality, don’t be offended.

  46. Jim DeMichele says at

    Not offended….by no means. I also never stated all ads are created stateside…..I would have more knowledge than you concerning that matter having been here for 19 years. And it’s pretty reckless to suggest anyone STILL here may be ant American……so YOU are the one that seems offended AND sour. For that, I am sorry for you……get over it. If I have never called to make the changes you state you have, that itself would be quite amazing!

  47. Jim DeMichele says at

    I meant Anti American, for which I am not….just the contrary…..and thanks for including your name Brock. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  48. Helen Bury says at

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