Google Voice on iPod Touch Gets Interesting

Much is being written about the long-awaited arrival of the Google Voice native app for the iPhone — most of it highly positive. Why might you use it on the iPhone?

Hypothetically you would if you wanted to save minutes and just use data, or if you really loved the features, call transcription and notifications. You might also use it if you had multiple handsets and began to use Google voice as your primary number.

Most people are going to continue to use their iPhones (and not Google Voice) for calls. But once Google Voice becomes available for the iPod Touch it gets really interesting. Think about combining the ZTE Peel (data is $30 per month) with an iPod Touch and a Google Voice app. You suddenly turn the iPod Touch into a viable phone and mobile Internet device for much less than most carrier plans. This becomes a serious option.

You could theoretically also do this now with Skype, but Skype isn’t as user friendly and it costs money for a Skype number. I’m not sure how in-bound calls would work because right now I don’t believe you can receive in-bound calls on Google Voice — although it’s technically possible. I could be wrong; I don’t use Google Voice for in-bound calls.

But the scenario is pretty clear: with the latest iPod Touch, the ZTE Peel and Google Voice you’d have a fully functioning iPhone equivalent for $30 per month (for 1GB of data on Sprint’s network). Pretty interesting.

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  1. nobody says at

    Google voice via PC accepts incoming calls, so I’d be pretty disappointed if the iTouch couldn’t. 

  2. Greg says at

    I’m sure it will then

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  4. JP says at

    I use the Line2 voip app on my ipod touch and have the number set up as one of my forwarding numbers for Googe Voice. Therefore when someone calls my GV number my ipod touch will ring if there is a wifi connection. I am still in the free trial period for Line2. The cost is $9.95 per month after the trial. I also use a Virgin Mobile wifi device which uses the Sprint network with unlimited data at 40 per month. It provides more flexibility as it allows up to five connected devices and can be used independent of the ipod. Just experimenting but I estimate the cost would be about $50 a month with the added hassle of toting two devices.

  5. Joe says at

    Google Voice isn’t Voip and can’t be used over wifi. It routes inbound and outbound calls through the native dialer. Carrier voice plan required.

  6. Greg Sterling says at

    But that’s clearly not true on the PC

  7. Jason says at

    @JP: How is your service quality with Virgin Mobile? I have a VM rumor touch with VM’s unlimited texting plan, but the service quality is atrocious. Messages going to other networks can sometimes get held up for hours before being delivered.

    I bought the new 4th gen iPod touch and am thinking of going your route, with Line2 for phone service. At this point, I am planning on going with Verizon’s 3GB for $35/ month, but I would consider getting on board with VM if the 3G data is more reliable than their text messaging.

  8. JP says at

    @Jason:  It’s not too bad.  I’m not sure if location has anything to do with it.  I mainly use it in the Houston, TX area.  I’m even able to stream Netflix video at times with minimal stuttering and live TV streaming via Orb on my home computer. The biggest issue I have is battery life.  With constant use the device depletes the battery rather quickly.  I usually keep it plugged into a power source as I use it mainly in my office and in the car.  I just heard that tomorrow VM will offer a new plan with 1G of data for $20 per month if the device is purchased at Walmart. It was also critical for me that I not enter into a two year contract.  VM’s month to month plan was the way to go.  Hope this helps.  

  9. Jake says at

    ZTE peel doesn’t work on iPod touch 4G

    So don’t say “latest iPod touch”

  10. Andy says at

    There is no such thing as iPod 4G. iPod touch 4?

  11. A2 says at

    we all knew what he meant (jerk) 
    apple terminology is stupid anyway!

  12. Johnny Ray says at

    Google Voice will not work over your cellular *data* plan – it always uses cellular minutes.  It is not VoIP.  I uses your AT&T number and cellular service to call the Google server, which then places the outbound call.  It will never work on an iPod touch or iPad unless they add VoIP.

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  14. Herdnerfer says at

    4G simply means fourth generation, it can refer to a cellular network or the fourth incarnation of a technical device. So in actuality it is correct to refer to it as the iPod Touch 4g….

  15. Edward says at

    I have everyone beat in the mobile internet/phone service bill. I signed up for Clear 4G mobile internet (running on Sprint’s network I believe) last April, but didn’t follow through on paying for it after a couple of months, due to having a shared internet connection that was fine. A few weeks ago, Clear sent me an email offering “unlimited” 4G service for a year at $19/mo (after which it’ll probably go up to $40). I have a “Clear Spot” mifi-type device that talks to my iPod Touch running line2, which for $9.95/mo gives me unlimited minutes AND SMS, as well as my own number on which I can receive incoming calls and texts any time the Clear Spot has a 4G signal, or the iPod is otherwise connected to wifi, and the line2 app is running in the background.

    Things which remind me I don’t have an actual phone:
    No vibrate/limited ringer volume
    No near-range speaker or mic, so the stock headphones w/mic are required, though the 4th-gen Touch has a mic, so it can be used as a speakerphone
    No support for mics in Bluetooth headsets AFAIK
    An extra dialog box to acknowledge the app when it wakes the iPod from the background before the one that allows you to do something with the call or read the text

  16. David says at

    Get GV Connect app and talkatoneto make and receive calls on iPod touch over wifi.

  17. corey says at

    You cannot use the Google Voice app on the iphone/ipod to call out using wifi/3g.  However, using a fairly new app (released dec 2010) called talkatone, you can make and receive calls on your ipod like david said.  I haven’t tried it on my iphone, but having a call come in on you ipod is pretty cool.  I have more info here

  18. Russ says at

    Actually Herdnerfer 4G is a wireless standard.

    Read the specs and you will see that NO wireless carrier comes close to meeting the standards. It is all marketing hype. If people would do the research and not believe the marketing hype, we would all be better off.

    The talkatone app requires the latest updates, but works just fine on a first gen ipad. I will be trying it on a touch later tonight.

  19. WheezyGonzalez says at

    I have been using Google Voice + Skype on my iPad all year now. I just got my iPod touch yesterday and it works beautifully.

    I pay for a Skype number and call thru google voice (since GV can’t make calls). It works great!!

    My Verizon MiFi is $35/month for 3G data. The Skype # is $6/month. So my monthly “cell” bill is $41 a month with  free text, near unlimited data, facetime, and 3Gigs of data a month. 

    When cell companies make their rates comparable to that I will switch back. Until then, they can choke on my iPod.

  20. WheezyGonzalez says at

    Quick correction: “near unlimited data,” should be, “near unlimited minutes.”

  21. Dreadless says at

    My phone bill is currently standing at… *drumroll plz…* $0.00/ month. (not including cost of devices)
    Now, This may be just my dumb-luck, but initially I had to pay $50 for the first month of 3G service with Cricket using their MiFi router (The Crosswave). I thought they wold just continue to bill the card I used to setup/activate the device for the next month. I hadn’t realized it is a pay as go service setup. So when my month ran out I couldn’t figure out why I had no service, I hit the reset button on the MiFi device and ran the quick setup. To this day that’s all I have to do, ocasionally i have to reset and reinstall, bur i have free 3g service.. And thats totally worth the occassional hassle of a reboot.

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