Telmetrics and VendAsta Integrate Call Analysis into Reputation Platform

Call tracking and analytics provider Telmetrics and reputation intelligence and daily deals software company VendAsta announced the integration of the former’s call metrics into VendAsta’s StepRep reputation paltform. StepRep is a white label tool that competes with Marchex and Yellowbot, among several others in the market.

The integration of calls and call analysis is into StepRep is intended to provide “a more holistic reputation management solution to [enable SMBs to] assess their market presence and the ties to customer calls.” According to the release:

With the embedded call data from Telmetrics, StepRep will offer local advertisers insights from VoiceTrends, which auto-transcribes consumer phone calls to merchants and tracks customer intelligence, such as keywords spoken and customer sentiment, in one easy-to-read dashboard.

Telmetrics employs speech-to-text to identify and report call duration, caller demographics, location and other datapoints. Marchex has a call analytics offering that offers similar data. And yesterday Google introduced its own call tracking solution with a more limited set of call data: Google Call Metrics.

I spoke with Brendan King, VendAsta CEO, and he described some of the capabilities of StepRep with the new call integration. He told me, for example, that sentiment analysis run on call transcripts will allow calls to be scored. Then business owners can then be notified, as they choose, when positive or negative calls come in. Obviously if you’re the one receiving the calls yourself you already know this information.

However for businesses with multiple locations or many employees it’s a very useful addition to reputation management tools. And these tools, which monitor customer interactions for customer service purposes, also have significant marketing implications.

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