Telmetrics-Localeze Offer Potential Solution to Call Tracking ‘Problem’

I’m over my head technically here but Telmetrics and Localeze have potentially developed a solution to the call tracking-ranking problem that Chris Silver Smith and David Mihm in particular have railed against for many months. In a recent post Chris repeats his critique of call tracking online, calling it “poison”:

In search engine optimization terms, using multiple different phone numbers around the net is much like using all different URLs for the same webpage, without having the URLs redirect properly. This results in a higher likelihood of diluting your ranking factors instead of focusing them, and could make one’s webpage rank poorly in search results. (For more details, see David Mihm’s writeup, “Be Wary Of Call Tracking Numbers In Local Search“.)

Earlier this year, in May, Telmetrics and Localeze announced a program and methodology to prevent call tracking numbers from getting distributed throughout the Web:

Through automated integration and data reconciling, the new partnership standardizes a local businesses’ online identity by ensuring that call tracking lines do not appear as a business’ main phone number in the organic local search listings index.

Localeze and Telmetrics are two providers among several in their respective categories. But it seems to me that if there were industry wide coordination adopting such an approach it would avoid the phone number “pollution” problems that have been raised. Chris Silver Smith in his post discusses a “canonical phone number tag.” Perhaps that’s a complementary solution as well.

And now an unrelated music video with the song title Poison:

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6 Responses to “Telmetrics-Localeze Offer Potential Solution to Call Tracking ‘Problem’”

  1. James Svoboda says at

    Awww snap! We’re going back in time today folks. Back to an era when you couldn’t trust a BB & a Smile, Mix was a Sir and likes BB’s and J was Cool and Ladies still Loved him. LOL!

  2. Jeremy @ Agence Web Marketing says at

    A canonical phone tag? That would make things much easier for both users and search engines.

    I definitely that would be a great implementation as the web grows toward mobile.

  3. David Mihm says at


    You’re right–it does need to be an industry-wide standard. Localeze is great but not everyone is using their data… 😀

  4. Greg Sterling says at

    David: But what about the video?

  5. Menachem Pritzker says at

    I prefer the Scrubs lip synch version of it –

  6. Mike Danish says at

    I sent a note about an out-of-date listing to a company that uses your information and they have advised it takes 30-60 days for you to correct it. I don’t understand why it would take so long to check on a listing? One in particular is Bob’s Ballard TV in Seattle, WA. They used to be a customer of mine and according to my notes, they closed around 1999 and are no longer at the phone number I had for them. If you simply call the number you have listed for them, you should be able to immediately verify if it is a working number an if it is not, then should be removed from your listings so it in-turn will be removed from the listings I am using.

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