With Help from AdReady, Pandora Targets Local, SMBs

Pandora and AdReady have expanded their relationship to make Pandora’s reach and advertising opportunity available to local and regional businesses:

The expansion of Pandora’s mobile advertising capabilities for SMBs complements current web-based advertising options, allowing local and regional businesses to directly reach and connect with local consumers across multiple platforms.

To facilitate this new SMB advertising solution, Pandora has expanded an existing partnership with AdReady, a company that delivers best-in-class software solutions for digital display advertising. Technology from AdReady is helping to make SMB advertising on mobile a turnkey process by offering support to build mobile banners at no additional cost to the advertiser. Now, local and regional businesses have access to an affordable, streamlined campaign implementation process to run sophisticated localized campaigns on Pandora’s mobile applications. To support the growing roster of SMB advertisers, the Pandora SMB team size has continued to increase.

This appears to be display advertising on Pandora’s site and mobile apps and not extend to audio ads on Pandora that have started to become more common.

The challenge of course is sales and getting SMBs to adopt. But Pandora now becomes part of AdReady’s network distribution.

Pandora reportedly has 65 Million registered users. Revenues were estimated to be roughly $50 million last year according to the NY Times. This year they could double to $100 million. There has also been talk of an IPO for the company.

However, Pandora might be one of those “strategic opportunities” that Steve Jobs alluded to as justification for Apple holding its $50 billion in cash.

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3 Responses to “With Help from AdReady, Pandora Targets Local, SMBs”

  1. BusinessWebsites.com says at

    I’ve yet to see a “good” (converting) SMB ad on Pandora and i use it daily. Most of the ads I see are very random services or products.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    I used to ignore the ads and have paid for an ad free subscription.

  3. BusinessWebsites.com says at

    I’m strange, I want to know who’s advertising. 🙂

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