CBS Rolling Out Local-Mobile Strategy

In anticipation of my on-stage interview with him at the forthcoming Borrell Local-Mobile event in Dallas, I had a chance to quickly chat with Adam Wiener, SVP of CBS Local. There’s a ton of interesting stuff going on over there, which I had largely not been aware of.

Briefly, CBS is building consolidated local portals that encompass all their local radio and TV brands. For example, here’s New York:

It is also offering local search, Google results but I believe powered by Planet Discover:

Though perhaps not as comprehensive, NBC has a similar looking local strategy.

I was told by Wiener that mobile is coming very soon. He also said that CBS is going to use its national-local sales force to sell packages of ads that include traditional, Internet and mobile.

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2 Responses to “CBS Rolling Out Local-Mobile Strategy”

  1. Josh Walker says at

    Glad you got a chance to connect with the team at CBS. It’s a new team looking to bring a single digital brand to their markets. I don’t know what happened to the ROIT initiative they launched a couple years ago, but the assets across CBS radio, TV, and outdoor are significant.

  2. Greg Sterling says at

    Yes . . . had forgotten about outdoor. They want to package all these together, which is smart.

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