Akesios Brings Sophisticated Lead Management to Local Channels

I got briefed last week by Akesios’ Ben Barney about the company’s new Ad-Direction automated yield management offering. It was impressive and appeared to me to be unique (or nearly so) in the local market today.

Akesios began as a YP consultancy and then became a technology company and platform. In lay terms (and I’m a layperson of course) Akesios’ new toolset sits between publishers and their advertisers and the various lead or fulfillment sources out there.

This is generally the emerging model: publisher delivers advertiser to network, which may or may not include SEM. Typically it does today (but see CityGrid, LocalAdExchange, Chitika, etc.).

The thing that was impressive to me in particular about the Akesios platform is that the company does click and call quality assessments for each click and call generated. Call quality assessments, while not common, are becoming more the norm (at least in the past couple of weeks). But nobody that I’m aware of is doing a click assessment.

According to the company “each click is given a score” and invalid clicks are “removed” — not billed. This is surely the future of PPC and maybe a partial antidote to the PPC/SEM churn problem at the local level.

Barney told me that Akesios tracks each keyword, click and source and optimizes campaigns accordingly. For example, if a dentist or contractor is getting better or more valid clicks (and calls) from local site A vs. B, Akesios will direct more spend to site A. This can be done on a keyword and advertiser basis.

As I said this struck me as a more sophisticated platform and capability than most (if not all) running in the local segment. I’m ready to be corrected of course. But it seemed to me that many of the things that Akesios is doing today predict where SMB lead management and fulfillment is headed tomorrow.

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  1. Greg Sterling reviews Akesios Lead Management Platform « Akesios Blog says at

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  2. Brad Cooper says at

    Thanks, Greg. This sounded promising, until I went to their website. I had to struggle to find anything about it and then it was really hard to find a clear call to action to sign up or get more information. Maybe they need to use their own platform on their own site? =)

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Yes . . . it’s often “do as I say.” It’s probably worth making a bit more effort to see what they have to say and getting a look for yourself.

  4. Dev Horn says at

    I am a consultant in this space & (among other things) I evaluate and recommend digital marketing platforms to my clients. I agree that Akesios has a unique solution for those digital marketers/publishers that want to provide the best QUALITY leads for their clients from among multiple third-party channels. Chances are, this is going to be main value proposition of “publishers” in the future – it will be less about their publications (print or online) and more about being good at delivering good leads.

  5. Greg Sterling says at

    I think you’re exactly right. Quality leads from our network + the simplicity of a single point of contact.

    The challenge is that many others will be pitching that too.

  6. Index Web Marketing - Montreal says at

    I was considering LeadExec as a way to manage my leads, but I’ll definitely consider Akasios, considering the positive comments my fellow readers have left here.

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