AmIVisible & the Local SEO Police

Palore CEO Hanan Lifshitz walked me through some of the upgrades and changes to the AmIVisible presence management tool the other day. The company has greatly beefed up the free data it offers to SMBs about their online visibility/presence. Among the available information is how the businesses rank for relevant keywords:

Lifshitz spoke to me about how this might become a tool for SMBs to validate or assess the efficacy of their consultants’ SEO efforts. Of course nobody who reads this blog is unethical but there are some folks out there selling SEO that are billing but with doing much for the local business.

This could become the basis of a tool that provides greater transparency to the market and helps people figure out if their SEO is working, literally and figuratively.

Do you think the market needs a tool such as the one suggested? Do you think it would be used?

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5 Responses to “AmIVisible & the Local SEO Police”

  1. Andrew Shotland says at

    No offense to Hanan but if your consultant is not doing their job right, you don’t necessarily need a tool to tell you that.  You’ll know because your store won’t be filled with customers and your phone won’t be ringing.  That said there seems to be an endless appetite for ranking reports, website scoring, etc.

    Perhaps a more interesting application would be to show those competitors who are pushing the envelope a bit (i.e. fake addresses, fake profiles, etc.).

  2. Mike Ramsey says at

    My question after looking at this is what is the end game? A lot of my clients have gotten emails with these ranking reports linked within the email. The funny thing is there visibility score and such is fantastic and the point of the documents is to gather leads. Do they then try to sell optimization or what?

  3. Greg Sterling says at

    Yes, it’s lead gen for SEM/SEO marketing firms but the service and what they’re offering is evolving.

  4. Mike Stewart says at

    Not necessary. You are either getting calls or not. Honestly, so much focus on placement (I give all my clients Web Ranking Reports for Google, Yahoo (not going further,) and Bing. Web rankings are important. A better means of measuring your SEOs work is Call Metrics, Web Page count (are they creating or strategizing content) and Majestic SEO tools. This report reminds me of Yext’s Reputation Management tool… which is not really reputation management but more “Listing” management!

  5. Melissa- SEO Aware says at

    I have written about this company and their other site, The results they give are skewed and misleading in my opinion. That is why I warned people about them. If you google you will see my opinion.

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