Skype Making B2B Push

VoIP alternatives to traditional carriers are finally starting to gain traction in the home and in mobile. The AT&T decision to allow VoIP apps to run on its 3G network a couple of weeks ago is something of a breakthrough, although as a practical matter it’s really only about international calling at this point. If there were data-only plans it would be a different matter.

But today I got the following email in my inbox, pushing Skype as a business service with a range of use cases:

Picture 53

Skype’s push to become a call-tracking and/or performance based ad platform for online is also very interesting (see, European Directories). For quite some time innovation at Skype languished under eBay’s lazy eyes. Now that the company is about to separate from the mothership Skype is becoming a much more interesting company — and more viable as a carrier substitute.

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